Watercolor miniature


This is a watercolor miniature landscape, which I had painted carefully on torchon paper.

It is framed in black cardboard. The frame has a stand, so you can choose if you would like to put the miniature on a shelf or hang it. Also you can detach the frame (I used invisible rubber glue, so there is no problem detaching it) and use your own frame.

The size the picture is around 10x10cm or less. With the frame it is approximately the length of your hand.

This piece can be sent as a unique small gift. You can send it with a note on a paper placed behind the stand as a postcard.

I would recommend placing it on a shelf (or a table) in an office or as a gift to a colleague. From my experience, it really gets a lot of attention from people passing by. Not many people own a small unique work of art these days.

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